Minors warning

Remain vigilant. On the internet Virtual friends can be different from what they claim to be..

 You have to be very careful !

  you can discuss and connect with other, but never give a person personal and confidential information !

  Never give your name, your address, the city where you live, the location and the name ofthe school you go to, your phone number, your e-mail, your Skype, Facebook, in the chatroom ! You never know who is really hiding behind a person's pseudonym !
  You must be wary of persons you're speaking to.
  Never accept a meeting with people met in cyberspace without coming with a friend or an adult, and you must inform your parents.
  If your software have this function, be careful with webcam. Some malicious people take pictures (screenshot) or record video of you to post them to socialnetworks and blogs or dubious websites (paedophilia, dubious tast humor...). Be always correct and do not accept to use webcam if the person in front of you don'y use it's one or if you feel forced to do it.

 If necessary, if somebody seems unhealthy, report it immediatly to a moderator (there's a yellow star or yellow half a star in front of his handle in the chatters list to the right of the chat window, you just have to double-clicking on it).

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